I have experience in stats related classes in particular, and mathematics and economics in general. At University of Illinois, I am knowledgeable about:

  • Econ 103
  • Econ 202
  • Econ 203
  • Econ 471
  • Econ 502

I am currently a TA for Econ 203, which prevents me from being a private tutor this semester (Fall 2017).

If you are looking for regularly scheduled, one-on-one or group help, I am using an automated sign-up system for meetings with students. Click here if you’re interested in scheduling a meeting. You will be asked to provide further details about the subject matter, availability and more.

The rate will vary depending on the course, the number of people (one-on-one/group) and time (the more, the cheaper). Feel free to ask in the sign up form above.